Find a mentor who understands.

I had the good fortune to hang out with an accomplished Los Angeles musician and producer during the concepting stage of my journey. Justin told me, “never let anyone say you are too old to reinvent your career.” It was so inspiring to hear his story of starting over a few years ago, ending up as a Grammy winning producer. Reflecting on our visit has often been the adhesive that keeps my dream from falling apart. Friends and family mean well, but they will never understand the depth of the trenches you fight in. 

Upon my return I looked at my past and present, determining if there were any paths left to follow. I had been playing guitar for about a year, and was really into it. Thought about the possibility of being a reseller of boutique amps. But retail isn't creative, it's just another job. As I started putting the pieces in front of me together – owning a building, capital to risk, a  guitar teacher, Yu-Po, who builds and services the electronics for tube amps and – it was like a drumroll before the punchline. I tied in his skills with mine and like the final cymbal splash of a career-long joke, we will design and build guitar amplifiers! Now, to see if Yu-Po will agree to be a part of my plan.

And so it began…